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Top 10 Manly Traits That Women Find Attractive

10 Manly Traits That Women Can\’t Resist

 All too often, society tells men that the things that make them unique are actually weaknesses. Men are told to be sensitive, and emotional and to communicate better. But the fact is, there are some very manly traits that women can\’t help but be attracted to.

Do you want to be more attractive to women? Do you want to make them weak in the knees? Then you need to cultivate some of these manly traits that they just love. When I was younger I believed that women loved little cute things to show affection. Thankfully, I\’ve since learned that being a man isn\’t about being cute– it\’s about being rugged, strong, and tough. 

So if you want to attract the ladies, make sure you\’re exhibiting these 10 manly traits.

1. A beard

Nothing says \”manly\” like a beard. In fact, studies have shown that women are more attracted to men with facial hair. Beards have been having a moment lately, and there\’s a good reason why. Beards are symbols of masculinity, and they make a man look rugged and handsome. So if you\’re looking to up your game, start growing out that beard! Need a few more reasons? Check out this article on 10 reasons to grow a beard. Also, keep in mind, women love a beard that is soft, shiny, and smells great. So I highly recommend products from The Beard Struggle.

2. Muscles

Women love a man who is built like a brick house. A muscular build is another sign of a hard worker – someone who takes care of his body and who is physically strong. This is the kind of guy who can protect you and who would never let anyone hurt you. Plus, there\’s just something about those muscles that make women swoon.

3. Tattoos 

A tattoo is the ultimate expression of masculinity. It shows that you\’re tough and edgy– exactly the kind of man that women can\’t resist. The bad boy stereotype is there for a reason. Just, stay away from the tramp stamps, and please, for the love of Odin, Don\’t get your Ex\’s name, Your own name, or your dog\’s name. Please.

4. A deep voice

Women are biologically wired to be attracted to men with deep, low-pitched voices. A deep voice is yet another sign of masculinity – it\’s low and commanding, and it can make any woman feel safe and secure. Not to mention, a deep voice is just plain sexy – it\’s like music to a woman\’s ears.

5. Confidence

Women love a confident man (not to be confused with being cocky), someone who knows what he wants and isn\’t afraid to go after it. They don’t want someone who is shy or introverted. They want someone who is confident and secure in himself. So, if you want to attract a woman, work on your confidence. Be secure in who you are and don’t be afraid to show it. Stand up straight, shoulders back, eyes up, and speak clearly. If you want to attract the ladies, work on building up your self-confidence.

6. A sense of humor

Women love a man who can make them laugh. A sense of humor shows that you\’re confident, creative, and intelligent – all qualities that any woman would look for in a partner. Plus, laughter is the way to any woman\’s heart – so if you can make her laugh, you\’re already halfway there. So if you want to win her over, crack some jokes and show her your funny side!

7. Being a good listener

Women want a man who will listen to them and actually hear what they\’re saying. This DOES NOT mean pretending to listen while swiping on tinder. Put the phone away and actually give some effort. They don’t want someone who is just waiting for their turn to talk. So, if you want to impress a woman, be a good listener. Listen to her when she talks and try to understand what she’s saying. It’ll go a long way in impressing her. Next time she\’s talking, make sure you\’re really listening!

8. Being a gentleman

Women love it when a man opens doors for them or pulls out their chair at the restaurant table . . . so make sure you brush up on your etiquette!  If she starts that bullshit about being independent and \”I can open my own dam door\” then recognize that giant red flag and move on. A real badass woman will be independent and strong while also enjoying being treated with respect.

9. Being supportive

Women also love it when a man is supportive. They want someone who will be there for them when they need it. They want someone who will support their decisions and be there for them no matter what happens. So, if you want to make a woman happy, be supportive of her. Stand by her side and help her through whatever she’s going through.

10. Domestic skills like cooking or handy work around the house

Knowing how to cook or fix things around the house is definitely attractive to women– it shows that you\’re resourceful and capable of taking care of yourself (and her!). So if you want to score some points with the ladies, start learning some domestic skills and other traditional masculine traits!

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The qualities women love in men

There you have it, 10 surefire ways to attract women and make them weak in the knees! Just remember, being a man isn\’t about being cute– it\’s about being rugged, strong, and tough . . ..So man up snowflake, ditch the makeup and get out there and start cultivating some of these manly traits! If you have any trouble with women, start working on these things and I guarantee you’ll see an improvement in your dating life. Good luck out there! There is a reason this blog is called The Savage Man!