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10 Reasons why you need to Grow a Beard

Thinking it might be time to Grow a Beard? Here are 10 reasons you definitely should!

Are you thinking about growing a beard? Congratulations! You\’re about to embark on a journey of manly self-discovery. If you need a little convincing, here are 10 reasons why you should definitely grow a beard.

Jason Momoa: Way more badass with a beard!

1. Beards are manly. 

There\’s nothing more manly than having a thick, full beard to show off. Whether you grow a beard long or keep it short and trimmed, there\’s no denying that beards exude confidence and power. There\’s no denying it: beards are the epitome of masculinity. If you want to feel like a real man, there\’s no better way than to grow a beard. 

2. Beards are versatile.

Not only can you style your beard in a variety of ways, but depending on the length and thickness of your beard, you can pull off any look – from rugged and tough to suave and sophisticated.

3. Beards make you look older and more mature. 

With age often comes wisdom, and with a long, luxurious beard comes instant wisdom and maturity. There\’s just something about a man with a beard that instantly commands respect – perfect for professional settings or meeting new people!

4. Beards can help you hide a double chin or thin lips. 

Not happy with your jawline or mouth? Let your beard do the talking for you!  A beard can help to disguise a double chin or thin lips, letting you feel confident and look your best.

5. Beards make you look more trustworthy and reliable. 

Need people to take you seriously? Grow a beard and they definitely will. If you\’re looking to grow your confidence and appear more mature, then growing a beard is the perfect solution. By simply letting your facial hair grow out naturally, you\’ll instantly start to look older and more experienced – which can be an incredible asset in both your personal and professional life.

6. Beards can help you score chicks (or dudes). 

Looking to attract the opposite sex? A beard will do the trick every time. Not only do beards give you a rugged, manly appearance, and they can also help to boost your attractiveness in other ways. Studies have shown that women are more likely to find men with beards more attractive and desirable, so grow a beard and start getting noticed!

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7. Beards signify that you\’re an independent thinker—not a follower of trends. 

Don\’t want to conform to societal norms? Show the world that you\’re your own man by growing a beard! A beard is a statement, an outward expression of your individuality and your refusal to bow down to the pressures of society.

8. Beards can make you look more powerful and authoritative.   

Whether you\’re trying to be taken seriously at work or simply want to appear more assertive, grow a beard and let people know who\’s boss. With its commanding presence, a well-groomed beard can help you exude power and authority in any situation. So go ahead – grow that beard and enjoy the benefits!

9. Beards give you something to play with when you\’re bored.  

Bored in class? At work? On a date? No problem! Just stroke that hairy chin and let the good times roll. Sometimes life can get a bit monotonous and mundane. When this happens, grow a beard and let it keep you entertained in those moments of boredom. Whether you\’re stroking, tugging, or twirling your facial hair, there\’s no shortage of ways to pass the time when you have a beard. So grow one today and start enjoying these mental stimulations!

10. Last but not least, beards are simply fun! 

Growing a beard is a great way to experiment with your appearance and really have some fun with it—so why not give it a try? Beards are one of the simple pleasures in life – they\’re stylish, they\’re trendy, and most importantly, they\’re fun. So grow that beard, embrace your manly side, and enjoy all the great benefits that come with sporting some scruffy facial hair!

Are you wondering how to know if you can grow a beard?

the truth is… you just have to Let it grow, let it grooooooow, Can\’t hold it back anymore. Let it grow, let it growwwww. Let the storm rage on the itching never bothered me anyway.

Ok, so I got carried away. The biggest signs you can\’t grow a beard are pretty simple there cupcake…puberty did not help in your favor.

For real though, start by googling these.

At the end of the day:  Beards just look awesome. 

At the end of the day, it really all comes down to this: beards are just plain cool. There\’s something undeniably magnetic about that rugged manly look – so grow a big badass beard, buy a flannel, embrace your inner lumberjack (or Viking!) and enjoy the confidence and swagger that comes with it!

So there you have it: 10 reasons why you should absolutely start growing a beard. From looking more mature and trustworthy to having something to play with when you\’re bored, there\’s no reason not to take the plunge and see what all the fuss is about! So go ahead—give it a try! You might just surprise yourself…and everyone else around you too.

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