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Become a VIKING: a fun and profitable career choice

Top 5 reasons to become a Viking

A lot of people ask me, \”Why do you want to be a Viking?\” And I always give them the same answer: \”It\’s fun and it\’s profitable.\” Sure, there are other reasons too—like the fact that it\’s totally badass—but those are really the two main ones. In these modern times, it\’s hard to know what it means to be a man. Men are expected to be strong and stoic, but also sensitive and in touch with their emotions. We\’re supposed to be tough but also gentle, athletic but also wise. It\’s a lot to live up to! So how can you make sure you\’re meeting all the criteria? Simple – become a Viking!

Here\’s why being a Viking is the surest way to become the manliest of men. If you\’re ready to become a Viking yourself, then read on to learn more about why it\’s such a great life choice.

The Money\’s Good

Viking life is all about raiding and plundering, and there\’s no denying that it can be quite lucrative. In fact, many modern-day CEOs could learn a thing or two from our ancestors about how to make a profit. Just think about it—there\’s nothing more efficient than taking what you want without having to pay for it. And while some might argue that pillaging and looting aren\’t exactly ethical, I like to think of it as simply taking what\’s rightfully ours. After all, wasn\’t everything stolen from us by the Romans in the first place? 

We Get to Travel

As Vikings, we get to travel all around the world—or at least, all around Europe. It\’s a great way to see different cultures and meet new people…or kill them, depending on your preference. Plus, there\’s nothing quite like the feeling of setting sail on a long voyage knowing that there\’s an adventure waiting for you at every turn. Even if sometimes that adventure is just getting drunk and starting a fight with some locals. 

We Have the Best Stories

Let\’s face it, everyone loves a good story—especially one that involves sword fights, dragons, and damsels in distress. And as Vikings, we have some of the best stories around. No one can tell a tale like we can, mostly because they\’re all true. So next time you\’re feeling bored at a party or cocktail hour, just ask someone if they want to hear about the time I fought off an entire pack of wolves with nothing but my bare hands…or maybe don\’t, because that story always ends with me getting naked and running through the streets howling at the moon. 

Great Way To Relax

When you\’re feeling like you need to let off some steam, pillaging and plundering is a great way to do it. Just make sure you do it in moderation – we don\’t want any actual damage being done!

The Best Networking Opportunities

Finally, being a Viking is a great way to meet other like-minded men. There\’s nothing quite like bonding over a shared love of weapons and shield walls. And who knows – you might even find yourself a wife along the way! Just make sure she can keep up with you on the battlefield.

Ready To Become A Viking?

So there you have it—three great reasons to become a Viking. If pillaging and plundering sounds like your idea of a good time (and let\’s be honest, who doesn\’t love doing those things?), then there\’s really no reason not to give it a try. Just remember that being a Viking isn\’t all fun and games—it also comes with a lot of responsibility. So make sure you\’re prepared for that before you take the plunge!