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Men\’s Grooming

Tips, Reviews, and Recommendations for guys who want to look and feel like a Fu*king MAN!

About me

Who the Fu*k am I and why would you read my questionable men\’s blog?

My name is Maddox Savage and I am a fu*king MAN! When did that become so wrong?

In today\’s society where acceptance is force-fed to everyone, BEING A FU*CKING MAN is not allowed anymore, which kinda goes against this whole acceptance thing. What is that all about?

The goal of this men\’s blog is just to help men be men again! Not to mention maybe some brand deals and affiliates. Maybe one day I\’ll be a brand ambassador for The Beard Struggle and who knows what else. 

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Skills and Hobbies

Essential survival skills all men should know plus hobbies, activities, and interests.

What The Fu*k

What is going on in the world today? Unfiltered rants about the topics driving men nuts. 

Take back your

Fu*king manhood.

You are a king, It\’s time to act like it!

(Without being a total Di*k)

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