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Top 10 Manliest Skills Every Man Should Master

The 10 Manliest Skills Every Man Should Know

Let\’s face it, society has put a lot of pressure on men these days. We\’re expected to know how to do everything and be good at it. Well, that\’s just not possible. But don\’t worry, we\’re here to help with a small list of the manliest skills to know. 

Here is a list of the 10 manliest skills every man should know.

1. How to Build a Fire

There is nothing manlier than being able to build a fire. Whether you\’re out in the wilderness or in your backyard, being able to build a fire is a valuable skill. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also allow you to cook food and signal for help making it #1 in this list of manliest skills to master.

2. How to Hunt and Fish

Hunting and fishing are two of the manliest things a man can do. Not only will it provide you with food, but it will also give you a sense of accomplishment. And let\’s be honest, there\’s nothing more manly than being able to say you killed your own dinner.

3. How to Fix a Flat Tire

Every man should know how to fix a flat tire. It\’s a simple task that can save you a lot of time and money. Plus, it\’s always impressive when you can fix something yourself instead of having to call someone for help.

4. How to Change a Tire

Speaking of tires, every man should also know how to change one. It\’s a relatively easy task that everyone should know how to do. After all, you never know when you\’re going to get a flat tire and need to change it in order to get back on the road.

5. How to Jump Start a Car

Another useful skill every man should know is how to jump-start a car. Again, this is something that can save you time and money. Plus, it\’s always impressive when you can help someone else out with their car troubles.

6. How to Build Something

Every man should know how to build something. It could be as simple as assembling furniture from Ikea or as complicated as building an entire shed from scratch. Either way, it\’s always satisfying when you can look at something you built with your own two hands and say \”I did that.\” Building anything, big or small, will immediately increase your confidence and make you feel like a man!

7. How to Use Tools

This one goes without saying, but every man should know how to use tools properly. There\’s nothing worse than trying to use a tool and not knowing what you\’re doing (or worse, injuring yourself in the process). So make sure you learn how to use all the different types of tools before attempting any projects involving them. It\’s also one of the traits on our list of Top 10 Manly Traits That Women Find Attractive.

8. How To Grill

Grilling is the quintessential manly activity. If you don\’t know how to grill, then you might as well not even be considered a man (just kidding…sort of). But seriously, grilling is one of the best ways to cook food and impress your friends at the same time. So make sure you learn how before your next barbecue!

9. How To Do A Handshake

While it might not be #1 on the list, one of the manliest skills to master is a firm handshake. A firm handshake is key in making any good first impression. Make sure yours conveys confidence by following these steps: Place your thumb above your partner’s hand while holding their fingers firmly, pump twice then release. The initial contact between palms should be done quickly so there isn’t too much time for either person’s sweaty palms to offset the grip. Dry hands offer firmer contact, so if yours are clammy make sure to dry them off before shaking. Pro Tip – DO NOT LINGER! There is nothing more awkward than just holding hands with a total stranger.

10. How To Make Small Talk 

Making small talk may seem difficult or even pointless, but if done correctly, it’s an easy way to get information from others or forge relationships. The best way to make small talk is by having some questions in mind beforehand. Be prepared with icebreakers such as “What brings you here today?” or “Have seen anything interesting lately?” Making small talk might not necessarily fall into the category of \”manliest skills\” but it is a skill everyone needs to master.


Although society expects men to do everything and be perfect at it, that’s just not possible. No single person could ever hope to accomplish all those things. However, this small list provides helpful suggestions on what skills every man should try to master. These 10 of the manliest skills are reasonable expectations for any self-respecting individual who identifies themselves as the male gender. With practice, anyone can follow the simple instructions outlined within the article and become an expert in no time! Just remember to stay calm under pressure and never give up trying new things because not giving up is another step towards becoming a real-life superhero! Thanks reading!